Focal Point Gallery: Big Screen Southend


4 November 2017 | Preview event Saturday 4 November 6-8pm

Please join us at Focal Point Gallery for a weekend of broadcasts on Big Screen Southend from Trackingshot, a site responsive collaborative project by artists Rebecca Birch, Leah Capaldi, George Charman and Adam Knight. In partnership with Field Broadcast

Trackingshot investigates frontier spaces through art practice and cross-disciplinary research

The first broadcast will screen at 9.30am on Saturday 4 November. Please join us for drinks on Saturday between 6-8pm where a cluster of 5 broadcasts will be screened

This event marks the launch of the Trackingshot online archive where broadcasts from Desert Sessions will be freely available to stream. Over 24 hours across November 4-5, all the broadcasts will be screened on Big Screen Southend, at the time they were originally broadcast in the UK back in April 2017. A publication of three specially commissioned essays, produced in response to the broadcast, by Jonathan Griffin, Ellen Mara De Wachter and Chris Fite-Wassilak, will accompany this event


Gerald Moore Gallery

TFTF invite image_low res_A5.jpg

6 May – 10 June 2017 | Preview 6 May, 12-4pm

TOOLS FOR THE FUTURE is a site-responsive sculptural project for Gerald Moore Gallery exploring relationships between philosophical aesthetic enquiry and kinesthetic learning.

A term used by sculptor Constantin Brancusi to describe objects with embodied potential, TOOLS FOR THE FUTURE utilizes the gallery space and the objects installed within it as a working studio. The gallery space deviates from its default function of display, towards a more active function. Its spaces become a ‘public tool’ supporting engagement – socially, conceptually and critically – used for the duration of the project as a site for participation, collaborative learning and site for material experimentation in which sculpture and making becomes the stimulus for philosophical aesthetic enquiry.

Throughout the project, the gallery/studio plays host to a series of philosophical enquiry workshops, engaging with school groups associated with the Gerald Moore Gallery, initiated by artists George Charman and Jake Garfield. Philosophical discussions and practical workshops that take place in the studio during the project will support research and development toward a proposed ‘conversation pit’ (a social space for public use) to be sited in the Gerald Moore Gallery garden in summer 2017.


Desert Sessions

LIVE April 8-21 2017

TRACKINGSHOT is a site responsive collaborative project exploring frontier spaces. Trackingshot artists are Rebecca BirchLeah CapaldiGeorge Charman and Adam Knight.

Artists will be located in the Mojave Desert in April 2017. Over two-weeks (April 8-21) they will broadcast live artworks daily, in collaboration with Field Broadcast, directly to your desktop or phone as a transmitted interruption. To receive the broadcasts download and install the TRACKINGSHOT receiver software. Once installed the app waits quietly until the artwork is broadcast, when a live video stream will open, unannounced, on your computer or phone. For best experience we recommend the desktop app.

Associate collaborators Jonathan GriffinEllen Mara De Wachter and Chris Fite-Wassilak will contribute texts in response to the broadcasts. These essays will be archived and freely available from May 2017 via this website. Enroute to the Mojave Desert the artists will embark on an investigative road trip exploring the relationship of the desert to the body, time and production, gathering field notes and interview transcripts which will also be published here.


dalla Rosa Gallery

32.dalla_Rosa_FORMWORK_invite_low res.jpg

4 November - 3 December 2016 | Preview 4 November 6.30-8.30pm

The concrete of modern buildings and infrastructures does not exist prior to the arrival of the constituent ingredients, cement, sand, aggregate, steel, at one place - a building site, or a casting factory - and it is only at the moment when human labour combines them together that they become concrete. In this respect, concrete can be more accurately described as a process than as a material.

Adrian Forty, Concrete and Culture, 2012

FORMWORK inaugurates a series of two-person exhibiitons hosted by dalla Rosa with the aim of creating a dialogue between artists that have not previously worked together but share similar interests and influences. George Charman and Tom Hackney are both based in London and have been exploring the possibilities of concrete while developing other sides of their practices, specifically drawing (Charman) and painting (Hackney). The fascination with materials and processes is a clear trait d’union that runs through their work, together with an interest in perception modelled on grids and repetition

Made In Thamesmead

One Eye Closed Onto The World

 16 September – 18 September 2016 | 10-4pm

George Charman and Jessie Brennan present installations in a vacant flat. George will transform a room into a camera obscura projecting the view outside onto the interior walls. Jessie begins a long-term project that seeks to engage residents in their experiences of life in the area and presents new work, including graphite rubbings of doormats.

Flat 42 Coralline Walk, Thamesmead, SE2 9ST

Terra Incognita

The Gerald Moore Gallery

  George Charman: Residency Studio, Eltham College 2016

George Charman: Residency Studio, Eltham College 2016

20 May – 25 June 2016 | preview: 20 May 4-6pm

Gerald Moore Gallery is pleased to present Terra Incognita, a new body of site-responsive works-in-progress by current artist in residence George Charman, presenting developmental research investigating connections between philosophical aesthetic enquiry and kinesthetic leaning. This exhibition forms part of an on-going study into objects/materials with embodied potential as ‘tools’ for engagement – socially, conceptually, critically and spatially.

Open Saturday 12-4pm and by appointment                                                                        

Gerald Moore Gallery: Mottingham Lane,London SE9 4RW

The Residents

Eistentrager-Howard Gallery: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Untitled 2011 George Charman


Untitled 2011 George Charman

11 March – 26 March 2016 | Private view: 11 March 5-7pm

Andrew Auble | Anke Becker | George Charman | Renee Couture | Joy Christansen Erb | Michael Frels | Matthew Jensen | Mari LaCure | Andres Laracuente | Marcie Lenke | David Linneweh | Seung Jae Kim | Desiree Moore | Rose Nestler | Kristina Paabus | Sarah Phillips | Kristen Pluhacek | Michaela Ross | Fillippo Santoro | Sarah Sharp | Steve Snell | Troy Stanley | David Samuel Stern | Trudie Teijink | Kimberly Thomas | Breanne Trammell | Melanie Vote | Jave Yoshimoto | Andrew Zimmerman | Deborah Zlotsky

120 Richard Hall, Lincoln NE 68588-0114


Phase 1

Ruskin Gallery: Anglia Ruskin University 

    Untitled 2014 George Charman


Untitled 2014 George Charman

04 February – 20 February 2016 | Private view: 04 February 5-8pm

Phase 1 is an international drawing exhibition featuring artists from France, USA and the UK, and is developed as part of Réseau Peinture, an international research project and collaboration between European, US and UK art schools. Focusing on contemporary painting practices, Réseau Peinture was initiated by Oliver Gourville, from the École Supéireure d'Arts et Design Grenoble - Valence. The exhibition takes as its starting point an analogy between the architectural construct and the idea and nature of the working study or projection: notation, blueprint, as well as the various technological meditations that enable the translation from idea to realization, with drawing as a central component.

Phase 1 is conceived as the first series of events that will build on the theme of art-architecture relationships, which will be developed as part of Réseau Peinture

Curated by David Ryan and Benet Spence

Exhibiting artists: Miguel Angel Molina | Juan Bolivar | Audrey Buchot | George Charman | Tim Ellis | Jamie Gill | Olivier Gourvil | Justin Hibbs | Michael Irwin | Chloe Leaper | Didier Mencoboni | Quentin Montagne | Tim Renshaw | David Ryan | Anna Salamon | Benet Spencer | Marjorie Welish

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, Cambridge, CB1 1PT 

Edward James in Mexico Symposium: History, Context, Legacy

West Dean College

     Untitled  2015 George Charman


Untitled 2015 George Charman

Saturday 24th October 2015, 09:00-17:00

Speakers: Umberto Bellardi Ricci | George Charman |  | Mathew Holmes | Dr David R Stent | Francesco Manacorda | Joanna Moorhead | Dr. JoannA Pawlik | Ingrid Gonzalez 

Edward James in Mexico: History, Context, Legacy’ is a one-day symposium organised by West Dean College with support from the Edward James Foundation. The symposium will consider the impact Mexico had on James’s life and work, from his earliest visits to the country in 1944 until his death forty years later. The impact of James’s activities in Mexico are yet to be fully explored, in respect to their influence on his ideas, his relations with other artists and craftspeople, and with Mexican culture. Papers from a variety of guest speakers will address a range of subjects, from the creation and impact of ‘Las Pozas’ in Xilitla to James’s enduring friendships with artists associated with Mexico, such as Leonora Carrington. The event will also consider activities preceding James’s presence in Mexico, proposing precursors and associations for his later works, including the ‘Footprint Carpet’ commissioned in 1933 and the unrealised ‘Artichoke House’ design from 1936.

The Old Library, West Dean College: West Dean, North Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0QZ

Abstraction From Architecture

Edinburgh Printmakers  

     Overlay 1  2015 George Charman


Overlay 1 2015 George Charman

12 September – 24 October 2015 | Private View: 11 September 6-8:30pm

Edinburgh Printmakers invites you to join us to celebrate the launch of our new group exhibition curated by Bronwen Sleigh and including work by George Charman, Andrew Mackenzie, Carla Scott Fullerton and Bronwen Sleigh.

Gallery Talk | Saturday 12 September 2015, 2-3pm, Free but ticketed Curator Bronwen Sleigh and participating artists George Charman and Andrew Mackenzie will discuss their work in the exhibition.

Edinburgh Printmakers presents an exhibition of new and recent works by four contemporary British artists curated by artist Bronwen Sleigh. Abstraction from Architecture features work by artists who display an interest in architectural structures, surfaces, materials and forms. Working between printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installation, each artist’s work is an intimate and often personal exploration of these interests as they begin to make sense and be attentive to the ways in which man-made structural forms can affect the way we function, and shape the way we see and experience space. This exhibition includes new work commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 6pm Closed Monday and Sunday. Admission is free. 23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR

neo:artprize 2015


     The Great Good Place 2  2013 George Charman


The Great Good Place 2 2013 George Charman

27 August – 1 November 2015

Private View: Saturday 29 August, 2 pm

neo:artprize2015 is selected by: Ian Davenport, Artist; Amira Gad, Exhibitions Curator, The Serpentine Galleries, London; Margot Heller, Director, South London Gallery (SLG); Helen Pheby, Senior Curator, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

neo:gallery27, Bolton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Blind Spot

The Foundry Gallery

     Blind Spot  2014 George Charman 


Blind Spot 2014 George Charman 

30 April – 04 June 2015

Private View: Wednesday 29 April, 6-8pm

The Foundry Gallery is please to present a site-responsive installation by George Charman, staging five variations of space determined by the quincunx grid by. Each week a new configuration of black and silver aluminium chains are re-installed creating a series of temporary permeable screens that reconfigured the perspectival reading and navigation of space. The tonal/spacial shift produced by the semi-transparent overlay of geometric shapes is mirrored in a series of drawings exhibited alongside the screens. The overlay of plains, both physical and abstract offer a dwelling space between materials, within the image/object.  

The Foundry Gallery 39 Old Church Street, London SW3 5BS 

From A Studio Exchange

Acme Project Space

     Untitled  2014 George Charman 


Untitled 2014 George Charman 

8 January – 25 January 2015

Private view: Thursday 8 January 2015

From a Studio Exchange brings together work by six artists -Briony Anderson, George Charman, Bridget O’Gorman, Maria McKinney and We Colonised the Moon (Hagen Betzwieser and Sue Corke) - who participated in an international work/live exchange in 2013 and 2014 between Acme Studios’ Fire Station live/work programme, London and the Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin. 

Acme Project Space: 44 Bonner Road E2 9JS

Time To Hit The Road

Leila Heller Gallery

     Tracking Shot Preview 7  2014 George Charman


Tracking Shot Preview 7 2014 George Charman

18 December 2014 – 10 January 2015

Private view: 18 December 2014

Leila Heller Gallery is pleased to present Time To Hit The Road, a group exhibition curated by Alex Gerson and Matteo Zevi. This is the first show in New York City featuring works by artists who participated in Gerson and Zevi’s Land Art Road Trip residency in the summers of 2013 and 2014. This trip is a traveling, immersive, residency program exploring works by pioneering Land Artists throughout the Southwestern United States. 

568 West 25th Street NYC USA

Tiny Lag

Acme Project Space

     Whether Roses or Triangles, Mountaintops or Hexagons  2014 George Charman    


Whether Roses or Triangles, Mountaintops or Hexagons 2014 George Charman 


28 November – 21 December 2014

Private View: Thursday 27 November, 6-8pm

Tiny Lag is a two person exhibition by George Charman & Adam Knight at Acme Project Space, London. The exhibition title is taken from an essay of the same name by Mladen Dolar. Referencing Wittgenstein, Dolar examines the borders of language on experience. In this instance the border becomes a conceptual marker of limitation and permission. The exhibition presented a series of recent works that engages with 'the screen' as a kind of boarder used to divide the exhibition space through varying axes of installation, video, drawing, sound, writing and sculpture. A limited edition publication has also been produced in conjunction with the exhibition.  

Acme Project Space: 44 Bonner Road London E2 9JS

Artichoke House

West Dean College

     Artichoke House  2014 George Charman


Artichoke House 2014 George Charman

Opens September 20, 2014

Private View: Thursday 20 September

Situated in the grounds of West Dean College (West Sussex), Artichoke House is a pavilion/camera obscurer informed by an unsigned sketch by Edward James, founder of the Edward James Foundation and West Dean College. Taking as a starting point, James original plan for Artichoke House, whilst also drawing inspiration from his monumental concrete forms at Las Pozas in Xilitla Mexico, Artichoke House 2014 is concerned with reviewing and renewing a surreal proposition as a means of exploring the ontological relationship between image and object.

West Dean College: West Dean, North Chichester, West Sussex P018 0QZ

Derwent Drawing Prize

Mall Galleries

     A Straight Line To The Touch  2013 George Charman


A Straight Line To The Touch 2013 George Charman

15 September – 20 September 2014

Private View: Thursday 15 September, 6-8pm

The Derwent Art Prize aims to reward excellence through showcasing the very best works created in pencil.  From 58 countries worldwide, 79 works by 61 artists were chosen for exhibition by the panel of selectors comprising: Kate Macfarlane (Co-Founder and CoDirector of the Drawing Room); Professor Anita Taylor (artist, Co-Founder and Director of Jerwood Drawing Prize and Dean of Bath School of Art and

Mall Galleries, London SW1


A Straight Line To The Touch Is Worth A Circle To The Sight

Centre For Recent Drawing

     A Straight Line To the Touch  2013 George Charman


A Straight Line To the Touch 2013 George Charman

7 November – 7 December 2013

Private view: Thursday 7 November 6-8pm

Centre for Recent Drawing is pleased to present a solo exhibition of large-scale graphite powder drawings by the British artist George Charman. The common thread that runs through Charman’s drawing practice is a curiosity in the mechanics of illusionary space. This most recent series of drawings takes as its starting point, the axonometric grid. Through a process of division and sub-division, Charman dismantles the axonometric grid to reveal a series of equally diminishing equilateral triangles. These triangles are employed in a subversive manner by Charman to shift the grid away from its original intention – understanding three-dimensional space through a linear form of projection – and instead layers and overlaps the grid to reveal dimensional arrangements constructed from perceived tonal shifts brought about by the relative proximity of one shape to another. 

2-4 Highbury Station Road, London N1 1SB



Creekside Open 2013


     A,M,X  2013 George Charman


A,M,X 2013 George Charman

2 May – 26 May 2013

Creekside Open 2013, selected by Ceri Hand

Eve Ackroyd | Tony Antrobus | Miriam Austin | Juan Bolivar | Allan Boston | John Brennan | Agnes Calf | Melanie Carvalho | Cordelia Cembrowicz | George Charman | Martyn Cross | Mark Davey | Rose Davey | Anita Delaney | Adam Dix | Geoff Dunlop | Dexter Dymoke | Andrew Ekins | Annabel Elgar | Rita Evans | Gordon Flemons | Grant Foster |Cadi Froehlich |Sofie Grevelius | Hannah Hewetson | Vicky Hodgson | Emilia Izquierdo | Paul R Jones | Robin Kirsten | Maria Konstanse Bruun | Alex Lawler | Bethan Lloyd Worthington | Alex March | Enzo Marra | Nigel Massey | Georgina McNamara | Clare Mitten | Gorka Mohamed | Doireann Ni Ghrioghair | Alejandro Ospina | Justin Piperger | Alicja Rogalska | Melanie Russell | Rachel Russell | Miho |  Sato | Lisa Selby | Elizabeth Shuck | David Brian Smith | Christine Stark | Callum Sutch | David Theobald | Abbi Torrance | Ashley West | Jack West |Hannah Wooll |Isabel Yellin | Fantich and Young

Art in Perpetuity Trust, Harold Wharf
6 Creekside Deptford, London SE8 4SA

Bemis open Studio

Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art

     In These Countries Without Twilight  2013 George Charman


In These Countries Without Twilight 2013 George Charman

5 August 6 August 2013

Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present  the open studio exhibition of work produced while artist in residence at Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art, Omaha USA. Beckey Alprin | George Charman | Damien Glley | Ashley Lyon | Ian McMahon | Alice Miceii de Araujo | Jeremy Olsoon | Sofia Quirno | Vallentina Sarfeh | Stephanie Syluco

724 S 12th St, Omaha, NE 68102, USA