Abstraction From Architecture 2015 George Charman | Carla Scott Fullerton | Andrew MacKenzie | Bronwen Sleigh | 

Abstraction from Architecture brings together the work of four artists whose work unpicks and translates architectural structures, forms and processes, whilst at the same time does the same with its own making. The processes these artists employ to produce their work can act as blueprints for their own production, providing us with another level of understanding. What is perhaps even more interesting, in the case of these four artists, is an emphasis on the failings of structures, surfaces, and forms, as much as their success.

Working between printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installation, each artist's work is an intimate and often personal exploration of these interests, as they begin to make sense and be attentive to the ways in which man-made structural forms can affect the way we function, and shape the way we see and experience space. The work of these artists can initially appear visually complex; lines fold in on themsevles, patterns interweave, materials merge and details slowly melt - all in varing degrees of repetition and wirh various shifts in perspective. The work is really more about reduction as the works become un unvelling, a deconstrcution, an expose almost, that might allow us to begin to understand or think differntly about the space and spaces we inhabit. 

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