Tiny Lag 2014. Black and silver aluminium chain screens (dimensions variable) / graphite and acrylic drawings on paper 38 x 28.5cm / stained plywood speakers (dimensions variable) 

Tiny Lag is a two person exhibition by (George Charman & Adam Knight) At Acme Project Space, London. The exhibition title is taken from an essay of the same name by Mladen Dolar. Referencing Wittgenstein, Dolar examines the borders of language on experience. In this instance the border becomes a conceptual marker of limitation and permission. The exhibition presented a series of recent works that engages with 'the screen' as a kind of boarder used to divide the exhibition space through varying axes of installation, video, drawing, sound, writing and sculpture. A limited edition publication also titled Tiny Lag  was produced in conjunction with the exhibition.  

Acme Project Space

Link to Tiny Lag audio piece