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Trackingshot 1 Desert Sessions 2017

A site responsive collaborative project by artists Rebecca Birch, Leah Capaldi, George Charman and Adam Knight. In partnership with Field Broadcast

Trackingshot investigates frontier spaces through art practice and cross-disciplinary research

Trackingshot .1 Desert Sessions took place in the California Mojave Desert in April 2017.  

Over two-weeks, artworks were broadcast daily from A-Z West and the wider environs of Joshua Tree and Wonder Valley: California, to UK/international subscribers, directly to their desktop/tablet and mobile device as a transmitted interruption.

All broadcasts are archived online at Trackingshot.net and are freely available to stream.  A publication of three specially commissioned essays, produced in response to the broadcast, by Jonathan Griffin, Ellen Mara De Wachter and Chris Fite-Wassilak, accompany's the broadcasts.


Focal Point Gallery



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