Desert Sessions

LIVE April 8-21 2017

TRACKINGSHOT is a site responsive collaborative project exploring frontier spaces. Trackingshot artists are Rebecca BirchLeah CapaldiGeorge Charman and Adam Knight.

Artists will be located in the Mojave Desert in April 2017. Over two-weeks (April 8-21) they will broadcast live artworks daily, in collaboration with Field Broadcast, directly to your desktop or phone as a transmitted interruption. To receive the broadcasts download and install the TRACKINGSHOT receiver software. Once installed the app waits quietly until the artwork is broadcast, when a live video stream will open, unannounced, on your computer or phone. For best experience we recommend the desktop app.

Associate collaborators Jonathan GriffinEllen Mara De Wachter and Chris Fite-Wassilak will contribute texts in response to the broadcasts. These essays will be archived and freely available from May 2017 via this website. Enroute to the Mojave Desert the artists will embark on an investigative road trip exploring the relationship of the desert to the body, time and production, gathering field notes and interview transcripts which will also be published here.